Thursday, March 6, 2014

Important Update


I am returning to this blog after more than two years away from it.

The sad fact is this project is incomplete and out of date.  It was based on V6.0 of OpenERP.  I shelved work when I realized that OpenERP's front-end was changing completely in V6.1 and again in V7.0.

But don't go away!

First of all, I want to say "Thank you!" to all of you who have submitted so many encouraging comments and expressions of gratitude for stuff you learned here.

Second: I want to say that I've been busy with new and even more interesting stuff.

#1 -- My other blog:

It begins with a ten post series, entitled "DevOps for OpenERP"

That provides step by step instructions for copying my cloud-based workstation for administering my various client's OpenERP installations.

You will be introduced to the following Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) products:

#2 - My open source software offering:

This is a serious replacement for the very crappy Selenium tool kit for automating data entry I described using before.

You will find it on GitHub here.

It does this:
  1. connects to Google Spreadsheets using OAuth
  2. collects data from sheets, and 
  3. pumps it into the right places in OpenERP using XMLRPC.
The cool thing is you control every aspect of the data transfer with settings in a control spreadsheet.

Step #8 in the above mentioned series shows you how to install the Data Pump. Step #9 shows how it works.

#3 - My other open source software work:

To get the Data Pump working the way I wanted I needed a better Python library than Google's so, I started working with Anton Burnashev's GSpread high-level API.

I found it lacked access to Google using OAuth -- you had to use username and password, so I created my own fork of his product here.